Crown Foam Technologies

Automotive Certified Foam

Ludlow Composites now offers a range of Automotive Certified Foams.  Contact us for your specific certification needs.

Your Latex and PVC Foam Solutions Manufacturer

Ludlow Composites has over 60 years of experience creating PVC and Latex foam solutions for customers around the world. We are dedicated to creating a partnership with our customers in order to develop materials that meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

Material Solutions are developed by a staff with decades of experience engineering and manufacturing PVC and Latex composites for use in a variety of industries. Some of these solutions are so unique, that they have been patented.

Foam Products that Work

Our products provide solutions to many OEM and consumer markets throughout North America and Globally.

Ludlow Composites services our customers and markets with two distinct divisions, Industrial Foam and Crown Mats.


Glass Spacer pad alternative     Ear Plug Material     Perforated Foam