Manufacturing Excellence

Since 1943

Ludlow Composites Corporation—established in Fremont, Ohio, continues to be a leading manufacturer that supports safe business practices and a partnership with the United Steelworkers Local 1915.

Ludlow Composites Corporation is comprised of two brand divisions Crown Foam Technologies and Crown Matting Technologies. We work with global suppliers and distributors to deliver quality floor matting and foam solutions to meet consumer needs and expectations.

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Brand Divisions

Crown Foam Technologies

We have over 75 years of experience creating PVC and Latex foam solutions for customers around the world. We are dedicated to creating a partnership with our customers in order to develop materials that meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

Material Solutions are developed by a staff with decades of experience engineering and manufacturing PVC and Latex composites for use in a variety of industries. Our products provide solutions to many OEM and consumer markets throughout North America and Globally. We not offer a range of Automotive Certified Foams.

Foam Product Highlights

Automotive Foam

Automotive Certified PVC Foam

Earplug Foam, CVEFP

Earplug Foam, CVEFP

Zedlan PVC Foam, CFTMHZ

Zedlan PVC Foam, CFTMHZ

Crown Matting Technologies

Crown Matting, has been setting the pace in commercial and industrial matting, using proprietary innovative technologies to further our products and the industry for over 70 years. Today, our purpose has never been clearer: manufacture floor mats with the same strength and character of the workforce we support. Our products are as easy to stand on as they are to stand behind.

We have been fortunate enough to cushion a generation of workers, helping to reduce leg and back fatigue, thereby improving the safety and productivity of your workforce. We’re honored to have done so. And, we look forward to serving our fellow workers for generations to come … one mat at a time.

Matting Solution Highlights

Oxford Elite


Workers-Delight Deck Plate