Ohio Export Award Winner

Ludlow Composites wins exporter awardLudlow’s former owner Bob Moran (left) and Ludlow’s former President Randall Dobbs received the Exporter of the Year award in the small-medium business category at the 2009 Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Awards held in Columbus in August 2009.


Ludlow Composites wins exporter award

Crown Mats former VP of Sales Chris Tricozzi(left) and Ludlow Composites former VP of Sales John Seitz stand in honor of their 2009 exporter of the year award.

Fremont Ohio, September 12, 2009–>In August, Ludlow Composites Corporation was honored for its true dedication to global sales and growth. Ludlow was selected as the “Small-Medium Exporter of the Year” at the Governor’s Excellence in Exporting at the Ohio Global Summit.

This award reflects the dedication that Ludlow and its team have to supporting customers around the globe. We currently do business in more than 50 countries on 5 continents. Those numbers continue to grow as we build more relationships by creating solutions to complex challenges in any market around the world.

Ohio Governor's Eaward exporter of the year logo

Governor of Ohio Ted Strickland recognized Ludlow Composites at the Ohio Global Summit in August, 2009.

“Ohio is the only state in the nation to see export growth every year since 1988. An impotant part of our strategy to create economic opportunity at home is to expand Ohio’s global economic presence. Ohio’s export partners like…. Ludlow Composites of Fremont are leading the way.” said Strickland.

At the event, Randall Dobbs, company president says that more than 10% of the company’s sales are international, and are shipped to more than 50 countries.

This dedication to the global marketplace can benefit all our customers with the knowledge we gain from these opportunities.