Low Density Vinyl (LDV)

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Low Density Vinyl (LDV)

Ludlow’s LDV foams are a soft density PVC foam that are designed for general industrial applications where flexibility and soft compression are critical.


  • Closed-cell foam which seals out air, dust and moisture
  • Conformability to irregular surfaces and tight radius curves
  • Soft Compression which prevents deflection of thin gauge metals or plastics
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Flame resistant product which meets MVSS302
  • Wide density range, 5# to 9#
  • Gauge Range 1/16” to ¾”
  • Colors are black, gray or white with custom colors available upon request
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives available


Anti-Rattle Seals, Weather Stripping, RV and Marine Seals, Moisture Barriers, Automotive Seals and Sound Prevention, Gaskets